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Together with our licensed real estate partners and moving consultants, ALFARELOCATION can help you look for your perfect place to call home in THE Philippines without going thru the hassle of dealing with multiple brokers.

  • Assessment: What do you and your family need to live comfortably? Together with us, you will discuss your needs, preferred locations, budget, and other considerations like working/school’s locations… so that we will be able to prepare a list of suggested properties.
  • Listing: Once your needs have been determined, we will use these criteria to compile a list of possible homes which suit you. We and the dedicated real estate brokers will help you narrow them down to the few homes you will be viewing with us for serious consideration.
  • Property viewings: This is where you will really begin to explore your options. We and the real estate broker will accompany you during all the visits of properties you have selected. Acting as your guide, he or she will provide a third-party perspective and objective point of view to help you assess the convenience and suitability of the properties.
  • Letter Of Intent (LOI): We will draft your letter of intent to help you communicate clearly, and secure any important documents that will ensure that everything is in order when you relocate to your new home in the Philippines.
  • Move Day Supervision: Once you’ve settled on a home, we can continue to provide assistance on the very important move day. Last minute emergencies and issues can arise and we will remain at your assistance to review final contracts, inspect the connection of utilities and supervise the final arrangement of paperwork as expressed to the owner in your Letter of Intent.

Temporary Living

Whether you are coming for a short-term assignment, a few weeks of work or training or just need a place to stay before your beholding’s arrives, ALFARELOCATION is always beside you.