Certified Translations in the Philippines

APCLT, Inc. Translations provides certified document translations through its translation office in Makati City, Metro Manila.

When submitting translations for legal purposes you will often be asked to provide certified translations, for example when you apply for a visa at a foreign embassy in Manila or file documents at Philippine government offices. Examples of such documents include birth certificates, marriage certificates, police clearance, medical records, and others.

We know that our certification format is accepted by most government agencies and embassies. However, occasionally there are situations that some government agencies and embassies have different requirements and do not accept our translations. For that reason, we always recommend that you ask the office where you are submitting the documents about their certification requirements.

Working closely with a notary we can offer a seamless notarization process.

Certified Translations in the Philippines

PHP 1,200 -2,500 PER PAGE