Why Alfarelocation?

We will go to great lengths to ensure the highest quality RELOCATION experience is afforded to you, YOUR BUSINESS, and your FAMILY at all times.
Every move is treated as a unique operation by our experienced team.

Your Relocation means the world to us

Alfa was founded in Manila, Philippines in 2019, and we have gained the trust of many prestigious institutions such as embassies, government offices, and international corporations through its commitment to high quality services in different entities.

Its founder/manager Capt. Roland Lehmann possesses over 10 years in the Philippines. When he established Alfa, he brought with him as well a vast experience as an expatriate in several countries.

For any Relocation needs in the Philippines, ALFARELOCATION remains the most reputable and trusted partner IN THE PHILIPPINES.

ALFARELOCATION will guide you through each process of your relocation to make it easier for you or your company. From your Home search and Briefing, Cultures awareness as well Language needs, to your company’s registration, Car purchase/lease-finance, we are in the Philippines to make this possible.

Packing – Moving – Delivering & Storage

Whether you are internationally moving outside of the Philippines or within the Philippines, you have our full intention to find the most efficient way to move your belongings without damages, losses or delay’s, we are working also with reliable insurance companies.


Storage depends on many good factors, therefore we will decide with you, what is the best and we offer multiple solutions, like:

  • Short term storage
  • Long term storage
  • Air-condition storage
  • Self-storage